Welcome to the Malmsbury Cattery

The Malmsbury Cattery was established in 2006. Our aim is to provide quality care in a beautiful atmosphere, for a reasonable price.

The Malmsbury Cattery is located very close to the Calder Highway, so it’s only a small detour to drop your cat into our lovely cat residence. Our cattery is located within a delightful two acre garden, with the outdoor play area overlooking our olive grove.

We look forward to hearing from you.


At Malmsbury Cattery we take pride in quality of service the care we offer to your pampered pet. We are especially proud of the highly competitive rates for short and long term stays.

We believe good service and a high standard of care doesn’t have to come with a big price tag.


When you visit Malmsbury Cattery not only will you be leaving your cat in the safest possible hands but in the nicest possible surrounds.

We encourage all of our visitors to stroll around the grounds or you can visit our gallery to take in the sights.

Virtual Tour

If you can’t visit the Malmsbury Cattery in person we offer a virtual tour of our homestead, cattery and olive grove.

Our immersive 360 degree photos allow you to visit our cattery and view the facility from your cat’s perspective- yes, you can even try out the cat run.

Contact Us

Making the right decision about where to board your cats is something we take very seriously. We understand how much your feline friend means to you.

Contact us today to find out more or to book your cat in for a short term or long term stay.

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40 Breakneck Rd, Malmsbury, Vic, 3446
Ph: (03) 5423 2536

Government Regulations:

You are required to bring your cat's current vaccination certificate when boarding with Malmsbury Cattery.